Game-play video trailer :
(from an early Alpha build)

Blade of Rage is a fantasy-themed Role Playing Game for PC that is currently in production by a '1-Man-Team' Independent Game-Developer.

Though with classical RPG aesthetics, Blade of Rage has its own unique world, story, characters, puzzles and battle-system to explore & experience.

If you have any inquiries about this project, or if you even just wanted to say hi, feel welcome to contact me. ---Don.

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"Blessed is the way of The Stone... and the Mace!"

"Fill your hand with steel... and let the Rage begin!"

"When an enemy hits you, you hit them back... Harder!"

Please consider supporting the Developer. It's greatly appreciated. :)
If you do, include your email address as a note when filling out the payment,
and I'll contact you with the details so you can play the alpha-demo.

Some screen-shots from Blade of Rage:
*Note: This game is subject to changes as development continues. Screenshots and video footage on this site do not necessarily reflect the final version of the game.



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